The Healthy City

Healthy & Equitable Cities

Over 80% of the U.S. population lives in a city. In the nation’s 30 largest urban areas alone, this amounts to nearly 62 million people. Our coalition of public health professionals aims to eliminate disparities that exist in urban areas and create a healthier lives for present and future generations.

Why Healthy Cities Matter

  • Health Equity Tool

    Together with Human Impact Partners, we created an Equity Lens Tool for health officials and their staffs to use in the context of COVID-related decision making.

    View Tool
  • Community Safety Realized: Public Health Pathways to Preventing Violence

    Cities can be made safer when we understand the events that have led to present conditions and act on this knowledge by implementing policies and practices that address the root causes of violence.

  • 2020 Transition Paper

    The Biden Administration must adequately address COVID-19 and other public health challenges. Read our recommendations.

    Transition Paper
  • 2020 Annual Report

    Our staff reflects on the devastating impact of COVID-19 and how the governmental public health responded

    2020 Annual Report