Local health departments are historically overlooked and underfunded.

Our members and staff leverage the power of our collective voice to impact policies and decision-making in the federal government.

Along with partner organizations, we advocate for greater resources and support for the entire field of public health.

Our Policy Impact

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The BCHC Staff Outlines Funding Priorities for FY2022

Learn More About Public Health Funding The BCHC Staff Outlines Funding Priorities for FY2022

“Public health suffers because when we make things better, we lose funding, as if you don’t need it again, but the core work needs to be maintained.”

BCHC Alum Patty Hayes to Kresge Foundation

FY2022 Appropriations Priorities for the CDC

  • Epidemiology and Lab Capacity

    $500 Million

  • Public Health Emergency Preparedness Funding

    $1 Billion

  • Office of Smoking and Health

    $310 Million

  • Immunization Program

    $1.13 Billion

  • Opioid Overdose Prevention and Surveillance

    $650 Million

  • Data Modernization Initiative

    $250 Million