Measles Outbreaks: Perspectives from Local Communities

September 2019


A Capitol Hill Briefing by the Big Cities Health Coalition


The Big Cities Health Coalition and the American Academy of Pediatrics hosted a discussion on how big cities are addressing the measles outbreaks that began in the fall of 2018. Public health officials from New York City and Los Angeles County shared their first-hand experiences of responding to measles outbreaks in their localities. They discussed how their health departments helped control the spread of the disease, what resources they relied on, and the lessons they learned about how to prevent further measles cases and other vaccine-preventable disease outbreaks in the future.

The briefing was broadcast live on C-SPAN – you can watch the whole event here, and the presentations used in the briefing are available here.


  • Dr. Oxiris Barbot, Commissioner, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
  • Dr. Colleen Kraft, Immediate Past President, American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Dr. Jeffrey Gunzenhauser, Chief Medical Officer, Los Angeles County Department of Public Health
  • Chrissie Juliano, Executive Director, Big Cities Health Coalition (Panel Moderator)