Funding CDC at the highest possible level is critical to public’s health and safety

October 2023


BCHC wrote to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) about providing the highest funding possible to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the President’s Fiscal Year 2025 budget. Federal funding for CDC and the programs that support local and state public health departments have remained largely stagnant except for funding from emergency supplementals. Additional investments through sustained annual funding are necessary to build public health capacity.

BCHC respectfully requests that you increase CDC’s top line budget authority to a minimum of $11 billion, as well as entertain increases to the specific programs highlighted below.

BCHC Requests for FY25

  • $1.13 billion for the Immunization Program;
  • $800 million for Epidemiology and Lab Capacity;
  • $100 million to address Social Determinants of Health;
  • $713 million for Opioid Overdose Prevention and Surveillance;
  • $35 million for Gun Violence Prevention Research;
  • $250 million for the Community Violence Intervention Initiative;
  • $250 million for Data Modernization Initiative;
  • $106 million for the Public Health Workforce;
  • $1 billion for Public Health Emergency Preparedness;
  • $1 billion for public health infrastructure and capacity;
  • and $100 million for the Center for Forecasting Epidemics and Outbreak Analytics.

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