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Community safety campaign broadens conversation about violence prevention

February 2023

3 silhouettes - inside them are people gardening, learning, walking, and otherwise enjoying the fruits of a healthy city

A national ad campaign designed to change the conversation about violence prevention and created by BCHC and Prevention Institute reached approximately 12 million Americans in January 2023.

The campaign’s core message: that a safe community is one where we all can live, work, and play without fear of violence or harm toward us or our loved ones. We can build these safe communities together by supporting equitable access to safe, affordable housing, green spaces, full employment and livable wages, and more – especially in communities that have been most impacted by disinvestment, which is a result of systemic racism and class oppression.

The research shows: this equitable investment in our communities is what works.

The ad ran in print in eight major newspapers across the U.S. and digitally on Vox Media, the Washington Post, and the New York Times.

Ad as it ran in the print edition of the New York Times

The vibrant illustration featured in the ad was created by Nye’ Lyn Tho.

A person at a protest holding a sign stating, "STOP GUN VIOLENCE", next to an American flag. Photo by Chip Vincent.

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