Press Release

BCHC Applauds House Passage of Build Back Better Act, which Includes $7 Billion in Funding for Public Health Infrastructure and $3 Billion for Pandemic Preparedness

November 2021

Statement from Chrissie Juliano, MPP, Executive Director:

WASHINGTON, D.C.- “The Big Cities Health Coalition is pleased that the U.S. House passed the Build Back Better Act, which includes critical investments in the public health infrastructure and workforce, as well as pandemic preparedness programs. The bill also provides funding for universal pre-k and paid family leave, important social support programs that foster healthier communities.”  

“The Build Back Better Act acknowledges the urgency of getting resources to the local level, by allocating $7 billion in grants to local, state, and territorial health departments. City health departments can use this funding to promote health equity, modernize data and technology systems, and foster community partnerships. The Bill also allocates $2 billion to the National Health Service Corps, which aims to provide essential workforce capacity and $100 million to address disparities in maternal mortality. Finally, the bill also provides a down payment on future pandemic preparedness, earmarking $3 billion for lab upgrades, overall modernization, and research and development activities.”

“City health departments, and their colleagues across the country, face several challenges as they continue to respond to COVID-19 and address other needs, such as sky-rocketing rates of drug overdose. Our members face an underpaid, under-appreciated, and aging workforce; outdated technology and facilities; and unprecedented political pressures. This funding will help local health departments, but it is not a cure-all. We need sustainable and predictable public health funding to prepare for future crises and routine prevention activities.”

“We urge the Senate to act on this legislation and look forward to working closely with policymakers to secure further investments that promote health and safety in big cities.”

* * *