NATIONAL. Here’s How Trump’s Budget Will Specifically Hurt Girls (Romper)

By Tiffany Thomas

The Trump administration has already started cutting back funding for the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program, The New York Times reported. If the president’s budget is enacted as written, the program could go away entirely, putting a full stop to proving which prevention strategies actually help teen girls avoid unintended pregnancy, according to that report.

So far, more than 20 health commissioners from major cities have protested Trump’s budget cuts. But in a Congress stacked with conservatives wedded to the widely disproven notion that abstinence-only education works for teens — with other, major agency reductions at stake — there’s more than enough reason to worry that girls will be worse off if this budget passes. If enacted, Trump’s plan could leave millions of teen girls who need comprehensive sex education and access to birth control in a far worse position than they deserve to be. And it could certainly affect the ability of young girls growing up now to get the sex education they need as they age.

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