PHILADELPHIA. Berkeley, nonprofits & more call big beverage's soda tax lawsuit 'absurd' (Philadelphia Business Journal)

By Alison Burdo

The city of Philadelphia apparently has some friends of its own – at least two dozen nonprofits and the city of Berkeley, Calif., – filed six separate amicus briefs Friday that support the administration in its legal battle over the city's beverage tax by saying the beverage industry, which "does not lose gracefully," is putting forth "absurd" arguments.

"[The plaintiffs] legal theory would invalidate not only this tax, but potentially many other taxes and nontax initiatives that further public health and welfare by encouraging citizens to reduce their consumption of unhealthy products," according to an amicus brief filed on behalf of the American Heart Association, the American Medical Association, the National Alliance for Hispanic Health, the Public Health Law Center and 10 other organizations. Read more