NATIONAL. Health Departments Cut Programs While Awaiting Zika Funding (National Public Radio)

While Congress fidgets over whether and how to pay for the fight against the Zika virus, state and local health departments are scrambling and slimming down.

That's because these front-line public health agencies have already seen their budgets chopped because of the debate.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in April cut $44 million from its fund that helps state and local governments prepare for public health emergencies. It was part of the $589 million the White House moved from other programs – mostly money allocated for domestic and international responses to the Ebola virus – to combat Zika as it awaited action on Capitol Hill.

New York City's health department lost $1.1 million in the deal.

Marisa Raphael, the deputy commissioner in New York's Office of Emergency Preparedness and Response, says she expects to have to cut jobs.

"We depend on this grant to create an infrastructure for our preparedness and our response," Raphael tells Shots. "That's everything from our lab staff to our surveillance staff, so when we have this cut, that does immediately impact our capabilities."

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