Big Cities Health Coalition In-Person Meeting Materials 

October 2019 In-Person Meeting

March 2019 In-Person Meeting

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Final Meeting Materials

Follow Up Materials

Resources Members Share at In Person Meeting

  • List of papers that Stan Glantz at UCSF has published on using a tobacco framework for cannabis (Shared by Tomas)

  • Story about Multnomah County including alcohol in their presentation about chronic disease as leading cause of death and coverage of their discussing with the local board of health that more people die from alcohol than opioids in the county.

  • Materials from Seattle re: role of health care providers, work that their Health Officer, Jeff Duchin, is spearheading. See mission and consensus statements from their Coalition of Healthcare Professionals to Prevent Firearm Injury and Death. See also their department’s web page on gun violence.

  • Zones of Mental Health Stability from Gretchen Musicant

Background Materials

Advocacy Materials

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