Equitable Procurement Resources from Los Angeles County

  • Bid Solicitations by Departments: Guidelines for the acceptance/rejection of bid solicitations obtained by the department and submitted with their documentation and requisitions.
  • Bid/Vendor Protest: Procedures for filing a bid protest.
  • Sole Source Purchases: The purpose of these policies are to ensure a fair and neutral process, prevent cronyism, and ensure good stewardship of taxpayer dollars.  
  • Local Small Business Enterprise: The Local Small Business Enterprise (LSBE) Preference Program boosts contracting opportunities for small businesses in L.A. County. Certified LSBEs receive a price preference which helps level the playing field for certified small businesses bidding on L.A. County solicitations. This means they are eligible to receive a 15% bid price reduction or ‘preference’* when bidding on certain goods and services solicitations from Los Angeles County.
  • Community Business Enterprise: The Community Business Enterprise Program encourages business owners who are minorities, women, disabled veterans, or disadvantaged to capitalize on opportunities in government and private-sector procurement programs. 
  • Social Enterprise: The SE Preference Program was designed to increase contracting opportunities for enterprises that have a social mission to enhance the County in terms of its economic and environmental sustainability, including the financial well-being of residents who are vulnerable and face barriers to gainful employment and housing.
  • Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise: The DVBE Preference Program is designed to enhance purchasing and contracting opportunities for businesses owned by disabled veterans.