Chart of Accounts Materials

Materials from BCHC Chart of Accounts Call/Webinar: On July 16, 2018, BCHC staff convened a call with the project team from University of Washington to share additional information. The slides and audio recording are available. Please contact Chrissie with questions.

Public Health Activities and Services Tracking (PHAST) Background Info

The PHAST team at the University of Washington, with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, invites public health departments to utilize a new uniform Chart of Accounts (COA) to align their financial data and compare it to other agencies.

Use the uniform COA to understand costs of programs and services, evaluate performance, advocate for and improve budgets, and communicate to the public and stakeholders the importance of and need for investments in public health.  The COA can also help with external reporting, as well as benchmarking financial performance against other similar agencies in your state and beyond.

Additionally, the PHAST team is recruiting LHDs to participate in the second cohort of a Uniform Chart of Accounts (UCOA) Project. The goal is for LHDs to be able to compare financial information in public health, determine costs and allocate resources more effectively, and help to make the evidence-based case for public health funding decisions by complementing—not replacing—LHDs’ existing charts of accounts. PHAST will provide online resources, a data entry tool, peer support, and technical assistance to help crosswalk your LHD’s chart of accounts to the UCOA, which they expect to take about 30 hours.  In return, the LHD will have access to an online database and interactive visualizations depicting detailed financial information from all participating LHDs. More information can be found in this brochure.