NATIONAL. Trump’s Obamacare repeal could devastate public health and CDC funding (McClatchy)


Health care advocates fear a repeal of the Affordable Care Act could blow a $3 billion hole in state and local public health funding over the next five years and cost the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention nearly $1 billion a year, or about 12 percent of its annual budget.

That’s the potential forecast if the ACA’s Prevention and Public Health Fund is shuttered by repeal legislation that doesn’t replace the funding stream, according to the Trust for America’s Health.

Supporters are bracing for the worst...

“It was an influx of money to support these programs that had not really been supported in a significant way,” said Chrissie Juliano, director of the Big Cities Health Coalition, which represents health departments in the nation’s 28 largest cities.

But as budget tightening forced cuts in federal and state support for basic public health programs like child vaccinations, testing for lead poisoning and disease tracking, “dollars were taken from the prevention fund to support this work that is really core to public health,” Juliano said.

Now the fund helps pay for infectious-disease control and immunization programs, efforts to cut health-care-acquired infections and other varied initiatives.

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