Winter 2018 BCHC In-Person Meeting & Hill Day



·       Winter Meeting Summary

·       Meeting Evaluation

·       Expense Form


Below are the materials we used for the Winter 2018 BCHC In-Person Meeting along with a draft of the Action Items from the meeting. Please note, these are still a work in progress and we will provide a final meeting summary.


Meeting Overview Materials

·      Final Agenda

·      DRAFT Action Items

·       Participant list

·       Bios


Health Equity Workshop (Monday PM)

·        Prevention Institute Presentation "Deep Dive on Health Equity: Countering the Production of Health Equity"

·        Prevention Institute Worksheet "What is Essential to Health Equity"

·       Executive Summary of Prevention Institute Health Equity Report

·       Additional info can be found on their Countering the Production of Health Inequities website.


Communications Review and Prep for Reporter Breakfast (Monday PM)

·        Memo on Reporter Breakfast Session

·       Collective Communications in 2017



·       Discussion with Chris Jones of SAMHSA


BCHC Year in Review/Prioritizing Sessions (Tuesday PM)

·       BCHC year in review (internal)

·       2017 BCHC Year in review presentation slides (internal)

·       BCHC  2017 Annual Report (external)

·       2017 Activities Matrix

·       2018 Draft Activities Matrix

·       BCHC Strategic Plan

·       Foundations Scopes of Work

·       Working Groups Update

·       Violence Working Group Memo and Matrix (From Feb BCHC Call)