Promotion of the PHWINS survey should be underway within your health department. This week, please print and post this new poster and continue to promote the importance of this survey among your staff. By next Thursday, September 28, 2017, please send me an update on your progress. Please let me know what communications have been sent to staff, what announcements have been made at meetings, and the status of whitelisting the domain. If you are encountering issues, please let me know this as well. We are still on track to administer the survey in early October.

To support you, we have created communications materials which you can tailor and use to notify your staff about the survey. Letting your staff know that your agency is participating in this project and that you want them to reply to the survey will be crucial to its success. We need your help in promoting participation!

Embedded here is the communication materials packet, which includes an overview factsheet with key talking points; a timeline for promotional activities; sample emails (initial notification and reminders) a poster to display in your office break room, and newsletter announcements. The email announcement about the survey should be distributed by your health commissioner/director. Macros images (Make Your Voice Heard & Reminder) should accompany email and newsletter announcements. In addition to written announcements, we encourage leadership to promote the project at management and staff meetings. Talking points and the factsheet outline key points for leadership to emphasis about the value of PH WINS.

In addition to promoting the survey, we need to work with your IT departments to ensure that staff will be able to receive the survey invitation. Please coordinate with IT to ensure that the domain from which the survey will be sent is “whitelisted.” For those of you that are County Health departments or have IT services provided by a centralized agency in your city, you will need to coordinate with this agency and not just your internal IT staff.

Survey domain/IP information:

•             IP address:

•             Domain:

We have also updated the FAQ (above) to address additional questions we have received. 


This fall, ASTHO, in partnership with and funding from, the de Beaumont Foundation, will field the 2017 Public Health Workforce Interest and Needs Survey (PH WINS). The BCHC team hopes to have participation from all Big Cities Health Coalition member departments to help inform future investments in workforce development, build on the baseline of key workforce development metrics, and better understand workforce attitudes, morale, and climate.

First fielded in 2014, with 37 states, 14 BCHC member cities, and a small local pilot, PH WINS is an online survey that captures individual perspectives related to workplace environment, training needs, and overall trends that impact the field of public health. The 2014 PHWINS Survey individual results have been distributed directly to the following LHOs: Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Clara, Seattle and Washington D.C. PH WINS is currently the only nationally representative data source of the public health workforce. The national results of PH WINS 2014 were disseminated in several formats, including a national summary report, an infographic and a special supplement of the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice

The overall PHWINS results slides for all BCHC cities are linked, which may be of interest to member departments who did not participate in the first round in 2014. 

PH WINS 2017 Macro_1.png

The findings from the first fielding of PH WINS have been used by participating health agencies to better understand and address workforce development, as well as by partners to help inform future investments in public health workforce development. Over the past year, two BCHC members – Boston and Houston – received funding to participate in the PH WINS Research to Action Learning Collaborative where they received technical assistance from ASTHO, NACCHO, and workforce development experts in addressing some of the challenges identified in the first iteration of this survey. The BCHC team hopes all BCHC member departments will participate in PH WINS 2017 so that they might be eligible for similar future investments in their workforce.

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    For more information, please contact Meghan McGinty, Deputy Director, Big Cities Health Coalition

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